Cool Funny Shoes images

May 20, 2017  —  By

Some cool funny shoes images:

Random Acts of Kindness Week
funny shoes
Image by Enokson

For “Random Acts of Kindness Week” students in our school stuck Post-It notes up in the front foyer showing the nice and caring things others were doing for them this week. Many of the notes are very sweet, and some are just plain funny such as “I tied Vivienne’s shoe laces while she held my pizza and didn’t eat it”, and “Mr. Davis understood that I couldn’t come to detention because I really didn’t want to”. Some were cryptic such as, “Ashdeen shared a foot with me”. Those in the know realize the writer was likely referring to “Big Foot” candy (gummy candy in the shape of, what else, a big foot). Everyone else was probably left puzzling over that one.

Shoe house
funny shoes
Image by diskychick
I read about this shoe-shaped house years ago but never got around to driving up to see it. Shannon and I took a road trip to York, PA, and found it! It was as fun as I thought it would be. They offer ice cream tours and have a small play area. If you are ever in that area, be sure to stop by and see it!