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Image from page 166 of “The prescription, therapeutically, pharmaceutically, grammatically and historically considered” (1917)
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Identifier: prescriptionthe00wall
Title: The prescription, therapeutically, pharmaceutically, grammatically and historically considered
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Wall, O. A. (Otto Augustus), 1846-1922
Subjects: Prescription writing
Publisher: St. Louis, C. V. Mosby company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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m memorandum books, etc., denotes slovenliness andcarelessness on the part of the prescription writer, and the publicis led to think that he writes so few prescriptions that he doesntfind it worth while to carry paper with him. It is one of the manyminute influences in regard to. which attention or neglect con-tributes in some subtle manner to success or failure in practice. EXTEMPORANEOUS PRESCRIPTIONS 163 These blanks should, therefore, be of good paper, well and smoothlykept in a pocket-book, or in blocks, and especially should they bekept clean. The writing on them should be as plain as can be, notin lead-pencil, but in ink, which is quite feasible in these days offountain pens. Lead-pencil marks often become blurred and al-most illegible by the handling they receive before they are pre-sented for compounding. The poor penmanship of some physiciansonly too clearly betrays their want of general education, and is an-other of those small influences which, perhaps, amount to little in

Text Appearing After Image:
themselves, yet exert such great influence in the aggregate in mak-ing or marring ones career. To affect an eccentric, peculiar, andillegible chirography, under the mistaken idea that a poor hand-writing will be considered an evidence of genius, is a form of quack-cry unworthy of the educated physician. When the writing is inink, the paper should not be folded until it is perfectly dry, to avoidblurring and consequent possible mistakes. The dissecting-room joke of drawing a skeleton is probably fa-miliar to all; by folding a piece of paper so as to form a crease,then writing along one side of the crease the word cent with along stroke through the t, and folding again so as to produce a 164 THE PRESCRIPTION reversed impression on the opposite side of the crease, the crudefigure of a skeleton may be produced. A similar effect in a pre-scription may transform 5 into §, or IV, V, VI, VII, or VIII intoIX, X, XI, XII, or XIII, or it may so blur the entire prescriptionas to make it utterly

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Pile of Trash
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Image by Matthew McVickar
Madness. This goes back about twenty feet.

Dean, Zach, and I got up at 6:30am on Thursday to empty the house and garage and make this pile. It was incredibly fun, and I’m not joking.

Long story short: Kamins (our ridiculously inept, irresponsible, and irritating real estate company) did an inspection and found asbestos in the basement (why just now?) and told us to get everything out of the basement. So we took the opportunity to get everything out of there AND out of the garage and house that wasn’t ours to begin with.

We (Dean and I) at least, have been chomping at the bit for this to happen for months. Changes ahead, friends. Just in time for us to move out.